Silicone Oven Gloves/Mitts with superior Heat Resistance

  • £7.60

Measures a generous 33 cm from the tip of fingers to cuff offering greater protection to the wrist area preventing burns. A raised honeycomb design gives the silicone mitt greater non slip properties and therefore offers the wearer better control. The silicone portion is extremely durable but at the same time, soft and pliable. This ensures a safe and comfortable grip whilst carrying out your culinary activities. 100% Cotton, padded, quilted lining gives added comfort. Silicone resists temperatures up to 490 degrees F facilitating longer handling time whilst dealing with hot plates, removing food from your oven or cooking over your bbq/grill. Perfect for all adults and the elderly - No need to struggle forcing arthritic fingers into gloves. The mitts glide on and off comfortably. Perfect gift for any domestic god or goddess.